Who are we?

Alternate skate is a skateboarding brand focussed on providing you with the best media, apparel and hardgoods from the Belgian and European scene.

We try to deliver the best content we can and work hard to make it. Our clothes are made in-house and it warms our heart to see people wearing them and standing behind the entire concept 
of what we do.

As skating is more to us than just a sport, we try to portrait the family, passion and people we encounter.

We do this out of love for the scene. Out of passion for the sport. Out of gratitude for everything skating has done for us.

Skating has changed each one of our lives. The people we meet doing it, give us new perspectives on life and make us learn more about it.

We do this for you, as a thank you for all the love.

This is our grateful response to everyone that makes the skatescene as great as it is.

Thank you ❤️

Alternate Skate

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